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Many political observers believe the Democrats have an excellent chance to recapture the lower house in 2016 because of so many likely GOP one-termers. But if the examples below of initial fundraising pitches are any indication, their creativy quotient is going to be quite low. See if you can spot ANY differences. Any?  
Former Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt-Bono, former state Sen. Sue Lowden and former state Treasurer Patty Cafferata, along with the Kiss of Death Caucus from the Legislature, are hosting an event July 18 for Carly Fiorina's presidential campaign. The event's co-hosts include Assemblywomen Michele Fiore, Vicki Dooling, Shelly Shelton and Victoria Seaman, a quartet of lawmakers that managed to do little more than introduce controversial and unconstitutional bills that went nowhere. Why Fiorina, the ex-HP...