Law firm reacts to release of Laxalt docs; Laxalt acknowledges authenticity

One day after the release of a highly critical evaluation of Adam Laxalt, the GOP attorney general hopeful moved into damage control mode.

Step One: Best defense is a good offense. Laxalt tried to raise money off the disaster, asserting it is "petty politics" from his foe, Secretary of State Ross Miller. I have attached the solicitation here.

Step Two: Acknowledge the truth. He put out a statement contradicting Wednesday's in which he questioned the authenticity of the evaluation. Laxalt acknowledged "an associate review document from years ago" and then launched into a defense of himself making the transition from JAG lawyer to civil attorney and portraying himself as a victim. That, too, is attached.

Step Three: Get the law firm to help because of leaked internal documents. And Lewis & Roca obliged in an amazing release that included the headline from my post that cited the evaluation labeling him a "train wreck." (Thanks, says Laxalt.) The firm tried to mitigate the damage by saying there also was "highly favorable feedback" about Laxalt, but did not release any proof. (I asked; they declined.) That, too, is attached.

Laxalt is doing about all he can, which is go on the offense and try to make the story about the leak and his opponent rather than the substance. Only the "newspaper" will oblige.