William Hill: Sandoval is 66-1 to be GOP nominee in 2016, 100-1 to be president

Gov. Brian Sandoval has 66-1 odds of becoming the GOP presidential White House nominee in 2016 and 100-1 odds of becoming president, according to bookmaker William Hill.

So there is a chance.

The unkindest cut of all: Sandoval's odds of wining the nomination are the worst of any listed except for fellow cellar-dweller Donald Trump. Sandoval also is tied for last, with the likes of Dennis Kucinich and Kathleen Sebelius, in the race for the White House. The humilation!

Sandoval was added after outgoing Assembly Majority Leader William Horne wondered at a Carson City hearing Tuesday why he was not on the board. (Endorse his judicial bid, governor?)

He is now.

As you can see below, Hillary Clinton is an overwhelming favorite to win and not worth betting a pound on at 5-4. But Marco Rubio at 9-1 to win the White House or 16-1 on Scott Walker to get the GOP nomination might be bets I'd make if I were in the UK.

(Bob McDonnell at 33-1! Update your odds, sirs. A lot has changed this year.)