Who came to the Hillary event that helped Reid, Nevada Democratic Party?

Remember when Hillary Clinton came to Las Vegas last October to give an anodyne speech, collect $225,000 for it and raise money for the state Democrats and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid?

I wondered who actually showed up for that political fundraiser, so I checked and found a major contributor to the California anti-gay marriage proposition and a developer once convicted of obstructing justice were on the list of donors.

The full state party report is here -- the end-of-year for Reid is not posted yet.

Most of the money went to the party, per the invite. The report indicates the total garnered was about $200,000. A spokesman tells me some checks may yet have to be reported.

Some highlights:

North American Health Care's Donald Laws, who was major funder of Prop 8, and his wife gave $20,000. (Maybe they have evolved on gay rights like Harry and Hillary.)

►​Peter Palivos, the controversial developer/felon once represented by Reid's son, Rory, ponied up $5,000.

►​Prominent doctors R.D. Prabhu and Nick Spiritos each gave $10,000.

►​Sierra Nevada Corp. owners and federal grant-awardees (Thanks, Harry!) Fatih and Erin Ozmen and the company PAC gave a total of $15,000.

►​Cab mogul Mark James gave $10,000. He was once a Republican elected official.