What could bring Reid and Sandoval together? Helping NV Energy


You don't see headlines on a news release like that too often.

We know that SB 123, the omnibus NV Energy bill that passed a Senate panel right before the release was read into the record, is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's baby. We know Gov. Sandoval's closest adviser, Pete Ernaut, is the driving force behind the bill.

But a joint release? To help juice the bill through?

Bipartisanship! There is hope for America.

And for Sandoval's guaranteed re-election. He can trust Reid.....

The release:


CARSON CITY, NV – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval today jointly called for the passage of a legislative proposal to accelerate the retirement of coal plants owned by NV Energy and to expand renewable energy development in Nevada in the coming years.


“This bill will help strategically position Nevada as a leader in clean energy,” said Reid. “Retiring coal plants while developing new, renewable energy projects is right for Nevada. I commend Governor Sandoval and the Legislature for their leadership in taking on this significant issue and enabling Nevada to lead the way to a cleaner energy future.”


“The benefits of this energy proposal for Nevada are many,” said Sandoval. “SB 123 would create over 4,000 new jobs while ensuring Nevada remains the renewable energy capital of the country. I look forward to working with the Legislature on this important public policy and urge the Legislature’s support so that I can sign it into law. Senator Reid is recognized as a national leader for clean energy and I appreciate his support in helping move Nevada closer to realizing its clean energy potential.”


The constitutionally mandated 120-day Nevada Legislative session is scheduled to end at midnight on June 3, 2013.