Welcome to Ralston Reports!


Ralston Reports may look like an ordinary blog, but it's not. It's the beginning of the latest in innovative and interactive communication with my audience. It's not a monologue; it's a conversation, one that begins before you get to work with the Morning Flash, continues throughout the day with your input on the blog and then culminates with "Face to Face" in the evening. For this to work, this must be a partnership, one in which we share and benefit. You will get what you have come to expect -- breaking news, trenchant analysis and biting commentary. And in turn, I hope, you will give me feedback -- beginning dialogues about important issues, telling me where I have gone wrong (and, I hope, right) and creating layered discussions throughout the day.
You can comment on the site, on Twitter, on Facebook, through email. We will often put your voices on the air, and we will recognize the best ones. Initially, I hope you will give me your opinion on the site -- what you like, what you don't like, what's not there that you want. Don't hold back -- I want this site to be the place to stop for political news, and I need your help. I want the site to grow, evolve, adapt. I can only do that with your involvement.
There will be bugs with any new technological endeavor. I ask your indulgence in advance. Please let me know if you find something that needs attention.  
There will be much free content on the site -- regular blog posts, often breaking news, and longer column-length ones, providing analysis and more. I'm also resurrecting the Political Barometer, one of the best-loved items in the original, printed Ralston Report, back for Ralston 2.0. And there will be two levels of subscriber-content, too. If you already subscribe to Flash, your only decision now is whether to upgrade to the premium package, which will include a weekly column and many other features, including exclusive odds on races, interviews with key players and up and coming insiders (another old Ralston Report standard, the "Insider Club Inductee" returns!), point-counterpoints on pressing issues and, eventually, polling. For only $250 more a year, you will truly be an inside player. The first premium post is Sunday, so get on board now!
My Twitter handle also has changed to @RalstonReports. Don't worry -- if you already followed me at @RalstonFlash, you are still following me at the new account.
I also plan to sell ads on the site and in Flash. Rates and packages will be available very soon.
Let me know what you think. I am excited about this new venture and rest assured, I will work as hard as I ever have to bring you the best content around.
Jon Ralston
Pricing -- you can find subscription portals elsewhere on the site:
Flash will remain at $350 a year. That gets you the Morning Flash and breaking news as it happens.
The Premium Reports package is $600. That gets you Morning Flash and the breaking news emails as well as access every Sunday to a column, odds on races, other weekly features and rotating segments of the Insider Club Inductee, Q and A, point-counterpoints and much more. It will grow as the site matures.