Washoe GOP to state GOP: Stop the primary endorsements!

UPDATED, 1:45 PM: In an amazing tweet today, ex-GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian declared "@NVGOP chairman has little power..told me that it wasn't his idea...he agrees that it's ridiculous but others thought diff."

So she is saying:

1. Michael McDonald, who has never uttered a peep of protest, thinks the endorsement process is ridiculous. I tried to confirm, but he didn't respond and -- this is priceless -- the state party said it could not comment.

2. The chairman has no power. How sad.

Also, the state GOP's official Twitter account, displaying the creativity and depth we have come to expect, took to Twitter to call me "Jonny" (cuts like a knife) and lambaste me for not including a meaningless amendment tacked on to tell elected officials not to endorse other candidates, a ludicrous addendum that almost didn't make it and was a stark contrast to the overwhelming vote to approve the repudiation of the state GOP.

As one smart observer put it:

Initially, it said "instruct the governor and minority leaders of the senate and assembly that they should not endorse before the primary."

Some genius brought up the fact that we may not always be in the minority so it was changed to Gov, and GOP leaders.

The vote was close on the amendment (division of the house), but people overwhelmingly supported anyway (there were only two or three delegates in the entire room who opposed the final resolution).

Ladies and gentlemen, your Nevada Republican Party.



This weekend, the Washoe County Republican Party tried to bring back sanity with a resolution to oppose the primary endorsements supported by state Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald.

Many smart Republicans are worried about The Angle Effect -- nominating Sharron Angle-like candidates who can't win general elections. This resolution was proposed by Roger Stockton, who previously has criticized the scheme.

Here's the resolution:

WHEREAS, the Nevada Republican Party is pursuing a plan to engage in pre-primary endorsements of candidates seeking the Republican Party's nomination for office; and, 
WHEREAS, the Nevada Republican Party exists to represent the will and final endorsement of the registered Republican voters of Nevada; and, 
WHEREAS, pre-primary endorsements will create divisions and sow confusion within the Republican primary electorate; therefore be it 
RESOLVED, That the members of the Washoe County, Nevada Republican Party are manifestly opposed to the Nevada Republican Party's pre-primary endorsement scheme; and be it further RESOLVED, That the position of the Washoe County, Nevada Republican Party is as follows: the role of the Republican Party is to represent the will of registered voters identifying as Republican and promote the Republican ideals as specified in the bylaws of the Party; and be it further 
RESOLVED, That the chairman of the Washoe County Republican Party Central Committee, being a voting member of the Nevada Republican Party Executive Committee under Art. 11, Sec. 1(A)(2), shall respect the will of the Washoe County Republican Party and vote against any pre-primary endorsement scheme offered by the Nevada Republican Party's Executive Committee.