Washoe County DA Dick Gammick attacks media (and not just me), lies in last-minute piece for Adam Laxalt

Washoe County District Attorney Dick Gammick, who has endorsed Adam Laxalt for AG, sent out a missive today through the Washoe GOP that was positively Nixonian.

Allow me to annotate:

Dear Friends:


Initially, I did not get involved in this year's Attorney General race, but when an unidentified, unsigned, renegade piece of paper was made public by a Democrat-aligned news person and was represented as something valid, I decided it was time to speak up and support Adam Laxalt in his quest. 
(Um, Mr. District Attorney, that "piece of paper" was made public by lil ole me. It was a scathing law firm evaluation of Laxalt by the only Nevada firm that has ever employed him. Your label of me is just sad and, I hope, not a product of your investigative skills. "Represented as something valid"? The guy you are supporting authenticated it!)


It is unbelievable that another media person picked up on it and has continually used the term "train wreck" even though it has been pointed out to him that using this uncorroborated piece of paper violates his reputed "objectivity". (Yo, Dick, who is this other media person? Your cowardice in not naming names here is sad. Why do you keep saying it is 'uncorroborated,' too? Adam Laxalt first denied it, then authenticated it the next day? I surely hope you did not twist facts like this in any of your many prosecutions.) And lately, Adam Laxalt's opponent has taken up the mantra ... even though he has nothing to substantiate this untrue representation. (Um, it's true. And Ross Miller has used, you know, the actual law firm evaluation!)


My career has been based on determining the truth based on FACTS and EVIDENCE, not INNUENDO. This type of underhanded activity has made my decision to get out of politics easier.


Adam Laxalt is an intelligent, hard-charging, experienced young man. He is an Iraq military veteran and as an officer, he learned how to manage large organizations and people. Isn't the use of this type of document just a last minute desperate move to distract from Adam's qualifications to become the next Attorney General of Nevada? (You use FACTS and EVIDENCE and yet you called a law firm evaluation that was released two months ago "last minute," Dick? Really?)


Don't be fooled or swayed. I have already voted for Adam. Have you?  If not, will you? 


Please enjoy Nevada's 150th birthday weekend and don't forget to vote.