Voter ID proponent Sharron Angle meets with new secretary of state

Ex-U.S. Senate candidate and voter fraud expert Sharron Angle met last week with newly elected Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, who says she will propose a voter ID law.

Cegavske spokeswoman Catherine Lu told me over the weekend that the secretary of state was in Ely and virtually unreachable. Since then Lu has declined to answer emails or phone calls about the meeting, which I have confirmed.

My guess is Angle, who has said she would travel the country to ferret out the epidemic of voter fraud and has suggested Harry Reid stole the election in 2010 even though she lost by 40,000 votes, likely wanted to talk to Cegavske about their shared commitment to search for a solution to a non-problem. Maybe a probe of voting machines?

Angle did not return a phone call about the meeting.

Cegavske has suggested that the governor supports her voter ID bill, which she has been unable to describe. But in an interview Friday, Sandoval said her assertion is false.

Here's what Sandoval said: "It depends what it looks like.  And I think that the secretary of state unfairly said....I don’t know why she said I would support her bill. I never told her that I was going to support her bill.  So that’s another thing I’m going to wait and see....I’m not trying to be evasive.  That debate hasn’t happened and I want to listen to it.  I guess it’s kind of back to my judge – let’s hear it.  Put it out there on the table.  I don’t think we should do it for the sake of doing it, but at the same time, you want to make sure that there’s no voter fraud."

When I suggested there is no evidence of a voter fraud problem, the governor responded, "Agreed.  No, I can’t deny that.  There’s been what, two cases?"

That sound you hear is me praying for Reid-Angle II.