Unemployment rate ticks up to 12.1 percent in Nevada

The state just released the numbers. Was 12 percent in July.

See the full report in the attached documents.

Bottom line:

Nevada  Statewide 12.1%

(Seasonally Adjusted)

Las Vegas-Paradise MSA 12.3%
Reno-Sparks MSA 11.5%
Carson City MSA 11.6%
Elko Micropolitan Area 6.1%
     United States 8.1%
Gov. Brian Sandoval: “While I am disappointed that Nevada experienced another slight uptick in the unemployment rate, I am encouraged by the fact that we continue to see signs of modest economic improvement, measured on a year-over-year basis, in these numbers. The improvement, however, is not enough to sustain our economy, which is why we must continue to work to diversify our state’s economy and bring jobs to Nevada.”
Sen. Dean Heller: “Today marks nearly three years that Nevada has led the nation in unemploymentThe policies that have come out of Washington have not helped middle class families in our state. Nevadans deserve good paying-jobs so that they can provide for their families and stay in their homes. They deserve an economy where career success is possible, and they deserve solutions that that will create economic certainty. Instead, our nation has experienced a stagnant economy and broken promises from Washington . It’s past time to go in a different direction, encourage long-term economic growth, and get the great State of Nevada back to work."