Thursday potpourri: News from CD3 on an ad buy and a debate, Adelson $ to Romney, Kaine blasts Adelson, Sandoval loves Romney, Berkley loves Obama and a new Angle


Nugget No. 1 -- The American Action Network is going up with a new ad to protect Rep. Joe Heck in CD3, where he has a lead in nearly every poll but could be nervous about Democratic turnout. The spot is in English and Spanish, and is embedded below. (Heck also is responding to Oceguera's attempt to portray the congressman as weak on rape victims with a dramatic ad from his wife, who was a victim of domestic violence. Will post spot when I can.)

Nugget No. 2 -- I finished taping a CD3 debate a little while ago. And while I won't tout a lot of news -- there may have been a snippet or two and Oceguera was significantly better (low bar) than his first appearance on the program, I will say I have never sensed such hostility between two candidates. No handshake before; no handshake after. Good TV. Tonight at 6:30 in the North; 7:30 in the South.

Nugget No. 3 -- I'm told to look for more Adelson money when Restore Our Future, the Romney-aligned SuperPAC, posts its latest report. He's all in.

Nugget No. 4 -- Speaking of Gondolier Numero Uno, he gave $1.5 million to a PAC trying to help George Allen in Virginia; so Tim Kaine did this:

We just found out that casino billionaire and mega-donor Sheldon Adelson gave $1.5 million -- the largest out-of-state contribution in Virginia history -- right to George Allen's very own super PAC, "Independence Virginia." And now George's group is going to put $1.5 million more (coincidence?) into new TV attack ads. 

Bloomberg reports that Adelson's SINGLE GIFT made up 98% of what George's super PAC got in the first 17 days of October -- in stark contrast to our campaign's grassroots support from more than 47,000 individual donors. 

But with polls in a dead heat and so little time left, it's absolutely imperative that we have the resources to fight back against these massive donations from George's special interest cavalry. 

Make a contribution now to help us show the other side true grassroots power. 

If there was any doubt that George Allen's campaign is funded by special interests, it's gone now. Sheldon Adelson has said he's willing to spend $100 MILLION to defeat President Obama -- and in contributing to George, he joins recent donors Bob Perry, of Swift Boat fame, and Foster Friess, notorious for suggesting aspirin as birth control. 

None of these guys are from Virginia. Adelson is from Nevada. Perry is from Texas. Friess is from Wyoming. Why are these out-of-staters trying to buy Virginia's Senate seat?

Nugget No. 5-- And speaking of great missives, Sharron Angle is back! Read all about her "Benghazigate" memo:


The murder of Americans by terrorists did not fit President Obama’s campaign narrative. With only 12 days until Election Day, Our Voice PAC has produced a 3 minute video that tells the truth about what President Obama knew about Benghazi.  

Will you make an immediate $25, $50 or even $100 contribution to make sure millions of Americans see this video before the election?    

President Nixon lied, but no one died. We can’t say the same thing for President Obama. America’s ability to defend our citizens across the world and at home from terrorists is at stake. 

That's why I need you to make an emergency contribution to Our Voice PAC. Our Voice PAC has already produced this film with your direct support. But to be successful in getting this message out across the nation, and more videos like this is the next 12 days, we need to double our efforts. But we can’t do it without your immediate support. 

Can I count on you to make an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $75, or even $100 to make sure undecided American voters see the truth?

In 2010, we made history, taking back the House of Representatives in what analysts called a historic "wave election," and prevented President Obama from implementing the most radical parts of his agenda. This year, it's time to finish the job, by defeating President Obama and his cronies in the Senate and House of Representatives with the truth. 

To make this happen, I need to hear from you immediately. I need you to join thousands of other committed conservatives who are so dedicated to the cause of liberty that they've opened their hearts and wallets. 

Will you join this group of patriots by making the most generous contribution you can afford right away? $25, $50 or even $100 will be directly used to distribute this video.

We need a true grassroots effort to spread this video, and the truth in it, all around the country.  Will you forward this email to everyone you know who is a Patriot? Taking America back begins right here, right now. Are you going to be a part of it? 

Nugget No. 6 -- So a couple of days after the governor's top adviser and friend, Pete Ernaut, told a television interviewer (Nevada businessman Sam Shad) that he thought President Obama would win the state, apparently someone called Brian Sandoval. The rarely Tweeting governor (500 or so in all) sent this to his 2,000 followers: ".@MittRomney clearly has the momentum here in Nevada. Governor Romney will carry Nevada and be next President. He has my full support." How does the governor define full support? An occasional tweet and news release? That's just the make-good for Ernaut's truth-telling. Sandoval can play the good soldier -- especially if given a little nudge by Team Romney.

Nugget No. 7 -- For the last few weeks, seeing the Democratic surge in Nevada, Rep. Shelley Berkley has suddenly renewed her vows with President Obama. She is with him every time she can be and sends out loving releases about him. How ironic then that Americans for Prosperity mailed a piece this week pummeling Berkley for voting with the president "90% of the time" and doing everything to tie her to Obama. Ironic, eh? I assume those pieces only went to indies, though....



The AAN ad: