A tale of two bill signings

Test your political IQ:

Gov. Brian Sandoval invited the media to one of these bill signings -- which was it?

A. A bill that was the most important piece of legislation to the Washoe County School District, one that would enable the County Commission, with a two-thirds vote, to raise taxes for capital projects.

B.A bill that cements Sandoval as the first governor ever to put money into English Language Learner programs, money that will especially help Hispanic students in Clark County.

If you chose "A," you need remedial help (not funded by the Legislature); if you chose "B," you know what's sunny and what's not.

Reaching out to Hispanics=sunny.

Enabling tax icnreases=better done without prying media eyes.

Indeed, if the Reno Gazette-Journal's Brian Duggan had not ferreted out the information and discovered the tax bill had been signed -- Superintendent Pedro Martinez was there, presumably under a gubernatorial gag order -- word would not have been available for awhile.

Was the governor not proud to sign the bill, even though he is enabling a tax increase? Isn't this essential for Washoe County, as state Sen. Debbie Smith and others argued? I'm so....puzzled.

And then, this afternoon, this arrived in the ole inbox: "Governor Sandoval to Sign English Language Learner Bill in Las Vegas" And: "Media is (sic) invited to attend."

How nice. I wonder why.

I still remember, back in April, when Sandoval announced he had found $25 million and was beefing up ELL, which now has $50 million, 80 percent going to Southern Nevada. Love that found money

By the way, the governor's slogan is "More Money for Schools, No New Taxes." But if the Washoe County Commission were to pass this tax increase, unlikely thought that may be, wouldn't that be more money for schools AND new taxes?

Just asking.

(By the way, I doubt the media will be invited to witness these bill signings, either.)