State of the State numbers distilled

The governor has just started speaking (speech attached) , so here’s what you need to know:

►$1.1 billion above Economic Forum projections. About half from new taxes, half from not allowing sunsets to expire. Total general fund: $7.3 billion

The new graduated business license fee, from $400 to $4 million depending on gross receipts, will raise about $450 million (designed to be $250 million a year). Also will be a cigarette tax boost of .80 a pack to $1.20 a pack; also a change in how slot routes are taxed, which will be controversial. Governor also thinks mining should pay more,  but not a lot – 1.17 percent to 2 percent.

New education funding is just under $800 million of increase. Doubling of Zoom schools, completing all-day K, new “Victory schools,” designed to help lower-performing schools, lots of new funding for gifted and talented kids, so they are increasing money at both ends of achievement spectrum. First update of Nevada Plan in nearly 40 years. Creation of Achievement School Districts to try to save the 10 percent of schools that are labeled persistently underperforming. Provisions made for takeover through charter management company.

Higher ed will get $76 million in new operating money, $24 million in other funds. UNLV will not be happy with med school dollars, getting small fraction of $27 million requested.

Administration officials made a point of bragging about how Medicaid expansion has worked – federal funds have cut general fund percentage almost in half since FY12. Isn’t that an endorsement of the ACA? Shockingly, COS Mike Willden said not so, but good to have reduced percentage and uninsured rates.