State of Nevada: We screwed up, so let judge decide who gets med pot licenses

In a response this week to a lawsuit by disgruntled medical marijuana applicants, the state acknowledged it granted dispensary licenses to supplicants who did not comply with the law mandating approval from local governments and asked a judge to decide who gets awards.

I am not kidding.

"The Division (Health and Human Services) does not dispute that they (sic) issued registrations to applicants who did not comply (with the law) and denied registrants who had been issue a special permit from Clark County," Deputy Attorney General Linda Anderson wrote in the filing I have attached here.

But, she wrote, the state can still revoke registrations and then noted state lawmakers did not provide a remedy if the state failed to disqualify an applicant. (Yes, why didn't the Legislature provide a process if the state ignored what the law says?)

Then, she wrote, the state will open up a new process for applications next year if the court or lawmakers do nothing and thus consider new dispensary applications.

Which, of course, will provoke more lawsuits....

Then, the deputy AG wrote, even though some state officials said they would move to the next-ranked applicant, that is not allowed by law: " was not an option that the Legislature provided..."

And then the punt: "In order to promote stability to best meet the needs of the community, the Division respectfully requests this court to resolve this dispute as to which entities are entitled to registration at this time."

What a mess.