SOS Cegavske goes from no position on governor's tax plan to slamming it

This is what happens when you go see the faithful and give them red, anti-taxing meat: You might make the governor mad.

Remember when Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske claimed she was neutral on the Sandoval Business License Fee plan? No more.

After suggesting she has no position, Cegavske provided some harsh language for those who would tax business. This is what the secreatry of state told the state Republican Party central committee (Correction: Nevada Federation of GOP Women) in Carson City this week, courtesy of a recording I was provided and helpfully attached here:

“I am concerned for Nevada, for the Nevada businesses about putting anymore fees or taxes on them. [applause] Because I ran on lowering business taxes and also trying to promote more businesses in the State of Nevada because that is the only way we are going to completely recover in our economy, is to make sure we get more people here and more business here. We have to be a business friendly state. We are in competition, not only with the Western states, but nationally. This is a competition. It’s constantly, they constantly looking at you, they’re constantly evaluating whether or not you are a safe state to go into; whether or not you’re a business friendly state, but every time we have a business tax people say I’m going to sit back and wait to see what happens. Or now that we’ve doubled them, ok we say we got rid of the margins tax that the teacher’s union put on, but now we have some other taxes, trying to decide how we are going to socket to the business community. That is an issue for me.”

So Cegavske, whom Sandoval helped elect in the red wave, uses the same anti-BLF rhetoric other foes have used, even comparing it to the margin tax. She is now the fourth GOP consitutional officer to oppose the governor.

Which means, among consitutional officers, Hutch stands alone: Only loyal Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison supports the governor.

So sad.