Seaman attacks Nelson in SD6 primary battle

Ah, Victoria Seaman, you do entertain, if nothing else.

Although her qualifications to legally assess what Erv Nelson is doing are suspect, her chutzpah is not: She writes in the blast missive below that her colleague "has decided to avoid facing voters in his home district," this after she left her home district to run for state Senate because she knew she couldn't get re-elected in the heavily Democratic area.

Also: Use of "impact" as a verb. Disqualifying.

This race is going to require much popcorn. And the Democrats will be eating most of it.


Fellow Nevadans, 

You will be receiving campaign messages soon from Erv Nelson, an incumbent Assemblyman in District 5, asking you to support him in the race for Senate District 6. I’m competing with Erv Nelson for your vote, and I want to make sure that all of the voters in the June primary are armed with the facts as they decide who should represent them in Carson City.

I served with Mr. Nelson in the 2015 Legislature, where I saw him break his promise to voters and side with special interests in the state, helping pass the largest tax increase in Nevada history.

Now Mr. Nelson has decided to avoid facing voters in his home district where he can be held to account for violating his word and has signaled a clear intention to move away from his home and into Senate District 6 for the sole purpose of running to fill our vacant state Senate seat.

Mr. Nelson has received the endorsement of the establishment Republican Senate Caucus, in spite of not residing in the district. The establishment caucus, which also endorsed the tax increase, refused me the opportunity to interview for their support, even though I am the only elected state legislator living in Senate District 6. It’s worth noting that Mr. Nelson has also left his job, with his supervisor mentioning in his resignation letter that he is leaving the firm to pursue “his political goals.”

Mr. Nelson continues to exercise his legislative authority as an Assemblyman, even while fundraising for Senate District 6—a seat which he is not yet legally eligible to occupy. As a reward for violating his tax pledge, the pro-tax leadership in the Republican Party named him the chair of the Interim Energy Committee, where he will preside over one of the most complex energy disputes to ever occur in Nevada—even as he actively campaigns for a different seat in a different district.

Mr. Nelson is unfairly influencing the election by wanting to have his cake and eat it too—this practice of occupying one position while campaigning for another—one that he doesn’t even meet the legal qualifications to occupy—allows him to unduly leverage one position to increase his chances of getting the other. 

In doing so, ask yourself this: Is Erv Nelson looking out for himself, or for you?

Mr. Nelson’s refusal to resign from his Assembly seat to run for the Senate Seat impacts the residents of his Assembly District by depriving them of whole representation. It creates an unstable environment for Nevada’s energy interests, which will have a different individual presiding over the process when and if Mr. Nelson relocates to satisfy the legal requirements to run for Senate District 6. Still, it perpetrates a fraud on both donors and residents of District 6 who are being led to believe that he is fully eligible to occupy that office and, as a whole, is not consistent with practices that could be said to have electoral integrity.

These are the type of practices that disgust voters and drive people away from the political process. If Mr. Nelson insists on pursuing political opportunism and refusing to face the voters in his own district, the least he can do for them is to resign that position to preserve some sense of integrity in both the electoral and legislative processes.

Integrity has always been important to me. I pledged that I would oppose tax increases as a legislator, and I kept that promise. I do my best to keep an open door, regularly meeting with constituents and working between legislative sessions to improve the quality of life both in my district and across the state, and I hope to earn your support. 

Don't miss my appearance on Alan Stock tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., where I will discuss these issues. 

I hope that you’ll consider assisting in my campaign today with a donation–whether it’s $25 or $250–to help me share this message across Senate District 6.