Sandoval files for re-election, de facto wins re-election, gets named as No. 5 in 2016 veepstakes

Time to play Megabucks, governor.

On the same day he filed for a second term as the Democratic dwarf list approaches seven, Gov. Brian Sandoval received notice in The Washington Post, as the fifth most likely choice for vice president on the 2016 ticket. Here's what Sean Sullivan wrote:

On paper, the governor of Nevada is just what the GOP needs. He's a popular, moderate Hispanic executive from a swing state. Sandoval is expected to cruise to a second term in November, setting him up well for 2016. But not so fast. He's pro-abortion rights and expanded Medicaid in his state, two things that won't sit well with the conservative base. Plus, Sandoval may be eyeing a 2016 Senate run against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. For all these reasons, we think Sandoval is a long-shot. But he's on the list because few others boast such a stronger overall resume.

Bottom line: If only he weren't pro-choice and if only he didn't expand Medicaid, he might be the first choice. Because he's got everything else the party needs, right?