Sandoval, Adelson and Romney fueled GOP registration/turnout effort

When I first wrote about Engage Nevada, I thought it would be a noble but probably futile effort by one of the state's premier operatives, Chris Carr.

But after the smoke cleared Nov. 4, Carr's efforts had paid off in the most dramatic Republican sweep the state has seen.

And the last filing of the year by the federal PAC for the "nonpartisan" 501c4 he set up shows who Carr encouraged to give money in the last month to ensure registration numbers were turned into voters. In late October, the PAC took in $200,000, with Gov. Brian Sandoval, Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson and presidential hopeful past and maybe future Mitt Romney essentially giving all the money.

Here's the tally:

►Sandoval for Governor, $65,000 on 10/24 ($125,000 for the year)

► Adelson, $75,000 on 10/23 (his only donation)

► Restore Our Future (Romney's PAC), $50,000 on 10/21 (only one)

►NV Jobs PAC, controlled by Sandoval aides, $10,000 on 10/30 (only one)

A couple hundred grand in 10 days. Not bad.