Roberson, hunting for more money to fuel bid for control, forms pair of new PACs

State Sen. Michael Roberson, who hopes to be the upper house leader next year, has formed two new PACs to increase his ability to raise money.

Roberson already controls two PACS -- Senate Majority and Jobs First (with colleague Ben Kieckhefer). But that, apparently, is not enough, probably because willing donors have maxed out to those entities. So last week, Roberson filed paperwork to form Victory PAC  and Reform PAC for the same innocuous purpose: "To support political candidates and campaigns."  (UPDATE: Assemblyman Tick Segerblom reminds me that there are no limits on donations to Nevada PACs -- hello, SOS! -- so Roberson's motivation must be simply to have two new outlets for cash that sound innocent enough. The real issue is that some of those PACs he already controls may have maxed out to candidates Roberson likes, so he can raise new money and give them more.

I wonder which ones?

Roberson was quite coy when I contacted him about the filings.

"I formed a couple of other vehicles to raise money," Roberson told me in an interview. "It gives me the flexibility to support candidates and causes. I don't have a plan in mind to give money to particular place. I have raised a lot of money, but not enough. I want to give people options to contribute to the cause I believe in, which is a Republican majority in the state Senate."

Greg Brower, that money has your name written all over it. Or, perhaps I should say, it has Sheila Leslie's name on it.