Republican Laxalt gets more Republicans; Miller going up on TV

Republican attorney general hopeful Adam Laxalt, who already has announced that the state's GOP sheriffs have endorsed him, now has endorsements from GOP district attorneys.

In other news, it's hot again today in Las Vegas. But it's a dry heat.

(I wonder if Democratic hopeful Ross Miller, the secretary of state, can get former Democratic governors such as Richard Bryan or the guy who came after him to endorse him? That would be HUGE.)

Laxalt's announcement leads with Washoe County DA Dick Gammick, a Republican who is leaving after two decades in office. Seven other rural DAs also joined in.

Clark County's DA, Steve Wolfson, just like Sheriff Doug Gillespie, is not on Laxalt's law enforcement list. But I'm sure an ad touting his law enforcement cred is coming -- featuring Gammick in Washoe could help there.

And speaking of ads, as the Review-Journal this week announced Laxalt's $200,000 ad buy (over three weeks), coming on the heels of one by the Republican Attorneys General Association, Miller is going up next week with a $200,000-per-week buy, his campaign says. 

It will be interesting to see if Laxalt and his out-of-state friends can keep up with Miller on TV down the stretch. I'd also bet on a third-party effort to help Miller, who surely will exploit Laxalt's infamous "train wreck" rating from the only law firm he has worked for in Nevada. I am still waiting to hear who his current clients are.

This race is going to transition from the "look at how qualified we are and what beautiful families we have" stage to nastiness pretty quickly, I'd guess. I give it two weeks, tops.

Meanwhile, the first debate between Miller and Laxalt is slated for Saturday morning at the state Press Association convention in North Las Vegas, moderated by the RJ's Steve Sebelius. That's not televised but will be posted later online, I'm told. They likely will debate on VegasPBS next month.