Republican front group attacks Democrat on air, so Democratic front group files complaint

One week after a Republican front group attacked attorney general hopeful and Secretary of State Ross Miller on the air, a Democratic front group filed a complaint with the state.

Nevadans for A Brighter Future (I love these PAC names), headed by former police union leader Dave Kallas, alleges that the dark money State Government Leadership Foundation needs to disclose its donors. The incandescent folks behind the PAC have had to disclose, and those forms show Democrats such as ex-Speaker Barbara Buckley and Assemblyman David Bobzien have contributed.

The allegation, similar to others, is that the SGLF is expressly advocating for Miller's defeat, which triggers disclosure requirements. Unlike many of these cases, the SGLF ad doesn't even have the standard, "Call so-and-so and tell them you are mad" line.

In the tiny world of Nevada politics, the lawyer for the bright people is Matt Griffin, who used to be Miller's SOS deputy. I'm told that the complaint was quickly forwarded to the AG by the SOS office, which obviously has a conflict.

The complaint is posted here.