Republican challenger in key state Senate race surfaces

Becky Harris, who lost an Assembly race last cycle, is preparing a campaign against Democratic state Sen. Justin Jones in a contest that could determine which party controls the upper house.

Harris is likely to run with the imprimatur of the Senate GOP leadership -- she was recruited by Minority Leader Michael Roberson, I'm told.  She's a lawyer who was just this week named by Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak (!) to a mobile home committee.

Privately, the GOP folks are touting her quite highly (don't both sides always do so this time of year?), and she could be a formidable candidate. Could be.

But so far, all she has on her political resume is that loss, and she has to move into the district to run. (The latter is not that big an issue, and if the party of Andrew Martin makes it an issue, that will be laughable.)

Game on, folks.

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