A recount in Nevada

UPDATED, 9:45 PM: I had the experience this evening of talking with Rocky De La Fuente, the man of .23 percent, who told me:

►He was not put up to the recount filing by anyone. "I do not like Trump," he told me. "I do not like Hillary. I do not like either one."

So why file in Nevada? Because, he told me, there were shenanigans in the February caucus and they had "the worst turnout in history." This is false. Turnout was robust -- about 80,000 or so. He then told me Clinton won, 6,000-5,000, apparently confusing delegates for voters.

Another reason he chose Nevada is that it is "50 percent Hispanic," Rocky told me. No. No, it is not, I told Rocky. It's about half that.

Rocky said that's what "I was told, so maybe Clark County is." No. No it is not, I told him.

"I respectfully disagree with you," he told me.

Thus endeth the interview.


UPDATED, 8 PM: Rocky's campaign put a news release, originally embargoed until 3 AM for some unknown reason, but I persuaded them to lift that embargo. 

The money part (full release attached): 

De La Fuente says he picked Nevada to balance out the recount and force the media to focus on the need for substantive reform to maintain the integrity of the Nation’s elections. In De La Fuente’s opinion, there are a lot of similarities between the Nevada and Wisconsin scenarios except for who won.

“Hillary (Clinton) won Nevada by a narrow margin almost identical to that of President-elect Trump’s in Wisconsin,” said De La Fuente. “Why not audit Nevada’s results as well?”

He added, “I experienced some a considerable amount of unfair treatment during the Nevada Democratic Caucus. And who doesn’t remember the near-violent confrontation there between the Clinton and Sanders camps with respect to the assignment of delegates?”

De La Fuente noted, “Jill didn’t qualify to be on the ballot in Nevada, so she can’t petition for a recount there even if she wanted to whereas I can.” De La Fuente is correct. While the Green Party failed to qualify on the ballot for the General Election in Nevada, De La Fuente made the ballot as the nominee of the American Delta Party. He also was the nominee of the Reform Party and ran as an independent in other states.

De La Fuente said he may file for recounts in one or more additional states but emphasized that he will only do so on a non-partisan basis. “This is about election integrity. It isn’t about favoring one party or candidate over another,” said De La Fuente. “We need to expose the problems and fix them.”

My favorite part of the release is where it says: De La Fuente is correct. 

That's gold, Jerry. Comedy gold.

UPDATED, 7:15 PM: The Sun's Megan Messerly reported on the recount. And here is the applicable law that shows the only votes relevant to the recount are Clinton's and Rocky's: "If the separate examinations, when combined, show a total discrepancy equal to or greater than 1 percent for the candidate demanding the recount or the candidate who won the election, according to the original canvass of the returns...."


A guy who got .23 percent of the vote in Nevada for president has ponied up $14,000 for a recount.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Rocky de la Fuente, who finished 536,000 votes behind Hillary Clinton, who defeated Donald Trump by 27,000 votes, filed shortly before the deadline for a recount. He received 2,552 votes out of mnore than 1 million cast.

Here's his letter (it's actually wrong on the amount -- he deposited $14,154 with the secretary of state and, per state law, named the 5 percent of the precincts he wanted counted.)

Letter for Recount NEVADA2 New Final by Jon Ralston on Scribd