Prospective CD4 candidate making rounds in DC as PAC affiliated with his group filed

Niger Innis, who is exploring a run against Rep. Steven Horsford, is in Washington, DC, and his allies filed a federal PAC last week.

The New America PAC -- the filing is posted here -- is overseen by Dan Backer, who is a lawyer for, for which Innis is a strategist.

Innis, reached via email, would not comment on the PAC filing or his incipient candidacy. But he appears to be moving forward.

I have also posted here Innis' pitch to the National Republican Congressional Committee and his New America plan, which premium subscribers saw weeks ago. It is quite an effort and worth the read to see how he thinks his ability to sweep the rurals and cut into Horsford's minority vote (Innis is African-American) is a path to victory.