Progressives set up two PACs to promote tax initiatives

UPDATE, 3/24/14: And then there were three.


The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada has erected two political action committees, one to try to pass the margin tax and another to promote taking mining taxation out of the Constitution.

I'm not sure how much money they can raise, but Nevadans for Mining Fairness and Nevadans for Corporate Responsibility, both filed last week, create vehicles for the groups to try to combat the corporate interests that will fund opposition.

The pro margin tax PAC was set up so "profitable multi-national corporations can finally pay their fair share," according to the filing. But what about the unprofitable ones? And what about the non-multi-national ones?

The pro mining tax PAC is "so that the Nevada mining industry no longer hides behind constitutional protections no other industry enjoys." Subtle, that is.

What was it Richard Kiley used to sing?