Poll: Sandoval, tax plan remain popular

So says results in Senate Ditrsict 5, which is where Democrat Joyce Woodhouse resides. The survey, conducted by Billy Rogers, who helped the GOP take the Senate, is telling for all lawmakers.

To wit:


SD 5 SURVEY – 301 Interviews (Registered Voters) May 23-27 (MOE +/- 5.6 points)

Hello, my name is ___________ with AMT Research.  We are conducting a short survey on the 2016 

Presidential election and other important issues. (The order of numbers: DEM REP IND TOTAL)

1. Thinking about state politics, do you think Republican Governor Brian Sandoval is doing an 

excellent, good, fair or poor job?

A. Excellent/Good 60.6% 75.4% 63.3% 66.5% 

B. Fair/Poor 28.1% 17.2% 21.7% 22.6%

C. Undecided/Don’t Know 11.4%   7.3% 15.0% 10.9%

2. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval passed legislation to increase taxes to better fund public 

education in Nevada.  Do you support or oppose the Sandoval tax increase?

A. Support 81.8% 45.4% 73.4% 66.9% 

B. Oppose 10.6% 31.8% 15.0% 19.1%

C. Undecided/Don’t Know   7.6% 22.7% 11.7% 13.9%

3. The Sandoval tax increase does not increase taxes on individuals.  Instead, it increases business 

license fees, hikes the payroll tax for large companies, and creates a small tax on the gross 

receipts of large companies.  Thinking again about the tax hike, do you support or oppose the 

Sandoval tax increase?

D. Support 89.4% 60.0% 79.6% 76.6% 

E. Oppose   7.6% 29.1% 11.9% 16.2%

F. Undecided/Don’t Know   3.0% 10.9%   8.5%   7.2%

4. Some people say that Republican Governor Brian Sandoval did the right thing in passing a tax 

increase to fund public education in Nevada.  They say more funding is needed in our public 

schools to reduce class size, expand reading programs and increase high school graduation rates.  

However, anti-tax advocates say we should never raise taxes to fund public education.  Who do 

you agree with?  Governor Sandoval, who supports more funding for public education; or Anti-

Tax Advocates, who oppose all tax hikes.

A. Governor Sandoval 90.1% 63.6% 81.7% 78.7%

B. Anti-Tax Advocates   2.3% 16.4%   6.7%   8.4%

C. Undecided/Don’t Know   7.6% 20.0% 11.7% 13.0%