Poll: Hambrick recall has little chance, "no new taxes" pledge is a waste

A survey commissioned by a PAC tied to Gov. Brian Sandoval finds good news for Speaker John Hambrick and bad news for the GOP Ass. Caucus/Citizen Outhouse wing of the Republican Party.

The Nevada Jobs Coalition, which helped take the state Senate, commissioned the survey by the well-regarded Tarrance Group. The findings are devastating for the Just Say No Caucus.

The poll memo, which is attached here, indicates Sandoval has an - wait for it -- 84 percent approval rating in Hambrick's district. It also shows solid support for the governor's budget and eviscerates the no-tax argument:

When    the    recall    organizers’    principal    attack    is    tested    and    voters    are informed    that    Speaker    Hambrick    has    signed    a    no    new  taxes pledge but has    refused    to    take    a    position    on    the    Governor’s budget,    which includes    tax    increases,    only twenty-
five percent    (25%)    of    voters    [a    mere    11%    strongly    so], indicated  they would    be more likely    to    support    the    recall    effort.     Thirty-six    percent  (36%)    said they    were unsure    or    it    made    no    difference    to    them.     And   thirty-eight    percent    (38%)    were    actually less likely    to    support    the    recall effort.