New speaker names chairs

UPDATE II: I have confirmed Hickey turned down Ways and Means, told Hansen it would not be smart to have a northern chair of the money committee. Hickey had offered Hansen a place in leadership months ago, I'm reliably told, but then decided to make his move during the meeting, prodded by Michele Fiore and Jim Wheeler. Although some may speculate Hickey may quit after being shunted aside, I'm told that's not true.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, apologies to Bette: Buckle up....


Update: Hansen says he offered Hickey Ways and Means, but the deposed leader turned it down and all chairmanships. He tried. 


This is going to be some session, folks.

Paul Anderson, the majority leader and Ways and Means chair, is the smartest move new Speaker Ira Hansen could make. But snubbing the guy he deposed, Pat Hickey? That seems short-sighted and petty.

Wes Duncan chairing Judiciary? Good move. May induce him to stay and not go for the open state Senate seat appointment.

I also like Randy Kirner on Commerce a lot. Solid guy.

I cannot wait to see Michele Fiore as tax chair. That committee could be the most entertaining of all time. Right, Gov. Brian "Broad-Based Tax Solution" Sandoval?

The rest, and remember they are all first-time chairs:

• Committee    on    Education:    Assemblywoman Melissa    Woodbury (Chair)

• Committee    on    Government    Affairs:    Assemblyman John    Hambrick (Chair)

• Committee    on Health    and    Human    Services:    Assemblyman James    Oscarson


• Committee    on    Legislative    Operations    and    Elections:    Assemblyman Lynn    

Stewart (Chair)

• Committee    on    Natural    Resources,    Agriculture    and    Mining:    Assemblyman

John    Ellison (Chair)

• Committee    on    Transportation:    Assemblyman Jim    Wheeler (Chair),