New pro-gay rights group thanks governor, attorney general

Even though they originally wanted to stand up for the state's gay marriage ban, Gov. Brian Sandoval and Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto are being treated as heroes by a new coalition for dropping their opposition.

Freedom Nevada, formed to get gay marriage legalized in Nevada, this week sent a letter with an interesting, eclectic array of signatures thanking the governor and attorney general. Among the signers: Caesars Entertainment boss Gary Loveman and top aide Jan Jones Blackhurst; chamber stalwart Hugh Anderson; consultants Sig Rogich and Jim and Dani Denton; and ex-Clark County Manager Thom Reilly.

The missive not only thanks the top state officials but pivots to make a clear economic argument for legalizing same-sex marriage, saying failure to do so will cause gay couples to leave the state and that the "muddled patchwork of the current laws creates uncertainty, inefficiency and waste for businesses -- the freedom to marry will save Nevada companies money."

And this: "The issue is simple as the Golden Rule: singling out one group of people for unfair treatment is not how we do things in Nevada."

The letter is attached here.