New immigration poll results released to try to influence vote

Later this morning, a coalition pushing for immigration reform will release polling nmbers designed to gather more votes for the measure -- looking at you, Sen. Dean Heller.

The poll was sponsored by the Alliance for Citizenship (working with the Nevada group, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada), Partnership for a New American Economy, and Republicans for Immigration Reform -- two prominent Nevada Republicans, former Gov. Bob List and ex-Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury are expected to speak out today.

The full results of the poll, conducted earlier this month by Harper Polling of 678 Nevadans (MOE=3.76 percent),  are attached here, along with crosstabs. The sample is a little too Republican light (by about 3 percentage points) and female heavy (by about 2 percentage points) but very light on Hispanics (only 9 percent, which is low by at least 6 percentage points).

Some of the numbers:

64% of those polled said they strongly or somewhat support bipartisan immigratoin reform legislation being debated in Washington

71% of those polled said they strongly or somewhat support a bill that includes a tough but fair path to citizenship

57% of those polled are more likely to vote for an elected official who supports comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship

91% of those polled said it was very or somewhat important that the US fix it's immigration system this year

Of those polled, 33% identified as Republicans, 44% as Democrats, and 23% as Independents