Nevadans love renewable energy!

Nevadans are not a happy lot but they believe in renewable energy, although they are split on whether the government should provide incentives and pick winners and losers.

Those are the findings of a new poll paid for by "A Renewable America," a project of Wind Energy Foundation. It was conducted by The Winston Group of 750 registered voters with an oversample of 330 registered voters in CD2 (where a lot of this stuff might be built) and conducted November 13th-16th.

In general, the poll, which has a memo and graphs attached here, found:


  • Eighty percent of esidents agree that government incentives to adopt more renewable energy will indeed create more jobs in Nevada. They also believe renewables will help America achieve energy independence.
  • The challenge ahead for the renewable energy industry is defining a balanced approach to government’s role in encouraging renewables within the context of an “all of the above” energy strategy.
  •  Nevadans are evenly divided between those favoring a larger government role in providing incentives for renewables and those who believe government has a role to play but should not pick winners and losers through its energy incentives policies. Bridging that gap with energy policies that reflect people’s overall strong support for renewables while at the same time acknowledging concerns about how government incentivizes energy production is the challenge ahead. 

  • Consistent with national trends, residents of Nevada believe the country is on the wrong track (36-52 right direction- wrong track).