The Nevada GOP does not really exist

We sort of knew it in 2014, as the governor and his men, not to mention Sheldon Adelson, worked around the ninnies running the state Republican Party.

But end-of-year financial reports confirm what we already recognized: The NV GOP is a zero.

As in raising no money. And having no money. And, yes, being an embarrassment to GOP officials and the national Republicans.

The state report was filed a week early. And why not? Once again, the party raised nothing. That takes....talent.

The party's federal arm raised $466 in December, so it is chugging along impressively.

This is now cemented: The state GOP is not a viable organization, needs a new chairman whom the electeds and Gondolier Numero Uno trust (Michael McDonald is running for the hills and the Las Vegas City Council) and it will not be a factor against Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid unless it gets an infusion of triple-digit IQers and cash.