Nevada Democratic Party takes a stand -- for Nicolas Cage!


One day after Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick introduced a measure that would tax movie tickets, the state Democratic Party has a petition drive going to help film star/producer Nicolas Cage get a tax break.

Indeed, the petition link to "Help us help Nicolas Cage" is at the top of the party's site. And there was a breathless pitch to the party's email list to sign, which I have pasted below.

Yes, I have made my feelings known on the spectacle of a Legislature drooling over a movie star seeking tax breaks and an inert Gang of 63 when it comes to major problems. But even if you disagree with my take or think these tax breaks are a great idea, why is THIS an issue for the Nevada Democratic Party to get behind? This party that spends an inordinate amount of time making it seem as if Gov. Brian Sandoval is at Rawson-Neal putting mental pateints on buses now has a petition -- a petition! -- to help Nic Cage get his tax breaks so more movies can be shot here?

This is the state we are in.

Read it and.....

This week, Nicolas Cage wasn't playing a historian or a con man or a ghost rider with a flaming skull for a head on the silver screen -- he was in Carson City, trying to get Nevada lawmakers to get something important done.

The legislature is considering a bill that would create incentives for movie companies to bring production to Nevada. It's a move that could create hundreds of Nevada jobs. It would boost local economies. And Ghost Rider just told us to do it.

Want to stand with Nicolas Cage and Nevada Dems? Sign our petition and urge the Nevada legislature to take action now!

I'm going to be corny here and quote Ben Gates (aka Cage's character in National Treasure): "If there's something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action."

Today, Cage took action. And now, it's our turn.

Let's show the legislature how much real support is behind creating Nevada jobs -- sign the petition right now.

This may seem a bit funny. But making our state a more attractive venue for movie production is good for our economy, and what's good for Nevada's economy is good for Nevada families.

Nicolas is on to something. And we need to have his back.

Sign the petition now.



Zach Zaragoza

Executive Director

Nevada State Democratic Party


Zach Hudson, party spokesman, tells me: "This is a jobs issue. Democrats want to create jobs here and Republicans want to ship jobs overseas."

OK. That explains devoting this kind of attention to a movie star's tax break.