National group forms PAC in Nevada to help Marshall for SOS

A group dedicated to helping anti-voter ID candidates has formed a political action committee in Nevada, a clear attempt to help Democratic secretary of state hopeful Kate Marshall.

The iVote Fund was registered last week with the secretary of state's office, with its stated mission: "To educate and activate the general public regarding the importance of voting and the role of secretaries of state in the voting process and working to elect candidates who believe in expanding not restricting the right to vote."

The outfit is staffed by former Obama campaign types, including Jeremy Bird, who directed the president's field operation in 2012. iVote has made no secret that it plans to play in SOS races around the country and has named Nevada as one of its targeted states.

On the site, Bird, who is listed on the Nevada PAC, is quoted as saying, "Secretaries of state have no organization to help them win their races. iVote can chnage that."

They can certainly try. And with Treasurer Marshall's foe, state Sen. Barbara Cegavske, a full-throated supporter of voter ID, I'm sure we will see paid media soon.

The race also is important to Team Reid because the majority leader wants a non-hostile SOS when he runs in 2016. A bit of Nevada history: In 1998, when there was a recount, a secretary of state named Dean Heller made a ruling seen as favorable to Harry Reid, who defeated John Ensign by 428 votes.

Reid does not forget such things.

(I have reached out by phone and email to iVote, but nothing so far.)