My 2015 session preview for Desert Companion

(I wrote this before I left for a few weeks.)


The 2015 Legislature doesn’t begin until Feb. 2 and already this:

The Republicans, who control the Assembly for the first time in 30 years, designated as speaker a man who once used phrases such as “simple-minded darkies” in columns and said on television, “I haven’t called anyone a homo for a long time.” That man, Ira Hansen, soon had to step down — only to be given the No. 3 spot in lower-house leadership.

In his place, the Republicans held an “election” in the office of his presumed successor, Paul Anderson. But Michele Fiore, who once played a character named Storm Fagan in a movie called Siren, arrived with proxies from a passel of newcomers and installed John Hambrick, a low-key, likable fellow who sat stone-faced as his elevation was announced.

And as the New Year comes, Fiore, who claimed the majority leader’s position for herself and installed as whip one Jim Wheeler — who once said he would vote for slavery if his constituents asked — has been found to owe the federal government more than $1 million in taxes. She was scheduled to chair the — you guessed it — Taxation Committee. (She was briefly taken off in mid-December, then reinstated after complaining of a “war on women,” then taken off again.)

All of this may change again before the gavel comes down — yes, as of this writing, we aren’t even sure who will be brandishing said gavel — as a handful of renegade Republicans have been in talks with the 17-member Democratic minority to create a coalition government that would remake the leadership team into a bipartisan mélange. This, of course, would be fraught with peril and is destined to acquire fissures before long.

I remind you again: The session hasn’t even started yet.


Read the entire piece here and Stave Sebelius', too.



I remember the importance of the word irrelevant In 2003 session. 2015 will be more exciting and confusing . 1st credit term limits, 2nd realize it was not as much a Red Wave as it was arrogant incumbents. 3rd realize if the D's don't take back the Nv. Leg. in 2016 we will , well we will be..............