Milam's company files suit in DC federal court to get land sale denial overturned.

UPDATED, 5/16: Development consultant Mike Ford, who worked with Chris Milam on the arena land deal, had this to say about the lawsuit against the feds:

Mr. Milam, in my opinion, should win his suit against BLM on the law and the facts. The BLM sabotaged the sale upon unproved and highly disputed claims which the City of Henderson dropped as part of its settlement. In short, the sale fully complies with all applicable federal laws, rules, and regulations and the BLM took this action with no apparent thought to the truth of the settled claims. Notably, despite the allegations, the City withdrew its objections to the sale in writing as part of the settlement. And, the City has never sought the sale cancellation in any litigation brought to this affair.

Ford has criticized the city of Henderson, which also sued him before settling (as it did with nearly everyone).




I suppose this was inevitable: Silver State Land LLC has sued the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior after the agencies scuttled a deal for land in Henderson.

The suit, attached here, wants the court to:

A. That the Court declare that the Assistant Secretary's decision to withdraw the subject tract from sale was beyond his authority under Section 203 of FLPMA and set it aside;

B. That the Court declare that the Assistant Secretary acted in an arbitrary and capricious fashion by unilaterally cancelling a completed sale and by causing the BLM to default on its mandatory duties to Plaintiff without any evidence to support the finding that the sale was the result of unlawfulness, collusion or encouragement of speculation;

C. That the Court immediately order the BLM to issue the patent to the subject land in accordance with the BLM regulations;

D. That the Court issue injunctive relief and any other orders necessary to prevent Defendants from reoffering the subject tract for sale;

F. That the Court enter judgment and an order awarding Plaintiff's costs and reasonable attorneys' fees under the Equal Access to Justice Act; and

G. That the Court award such other relief as it deems proper to effectuate the purposes of this action.