MGM poll: Don't build a taxpayer-funded stadium, expand the convention authority

On the eve of the latest battle between Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts (and other gamers) over whether to expand the convention center or build a stadium (to house the Raiders?), MGM is poised to release a poll that bolsters its case.

The polling memo, which you can see below, is being released a day before the meeting of the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, which will consider the Sands proposal. The findings distilled:

A commanding majority of Nevadans support a proposal to use Clark County room tax revenues to

modernize and expand the Las Vegas Convention Center. When confronted with the possibility that only 

one economic development project can be funded through the room tax, voters prefer that the 

convention center expansion move forward over the publicly-subsidized construction of an NFL-quality 

stadium in Las Vegas by a clear, double-digit margin. Voters across the state see the convention center as 

a more worthwhile use of public funding, and support for using room tax revenues to fund the convention 

center is particularly strong among voters closest to the issue in Clark County.

I have seen the entire poll, and it appears to be a legitimate attempt to gauge public opinion, not skew toward MGM's position.

I'm sure Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson will be thrilled. If only he had a newspaper to counter this....

Convention Center Survey-Memo F03.22.16 (2)[1] by Jon Ralston