Metro probe of political corruption involving Assembly Republicans moves forward

UPDATE, 2:30 PM: Guess who is registered to vote at that address where Metro served the search warrant? Rob Lauer, the failed GOP candidate for secretary of state a couple of cycles ago, according to Clark County Election Department records. Lauer also tried to get appointed to the Assembly seat vacated by Wes Duncan, who went to work for General Adam Laxalt. Lauer is alleged to be the person who approached Edwards about changing his vote, I'm reliably told.


I told my newsletter subscribers about it Friday, and today Metro Police served at least one search warrant as part of a wide-ranging political corruption probe involving attempts to buy votes for Assembly speaker and much more.

More will come out, but this involves wiretaps, legal and otherwise, and a lot of people who have talked big about recalls and other political shenanigans are about to have chats with police -- or have by the time I post this.

Assemblyman Chris Edwards, I'm told, was originally targeted by folks offering him money to change his support for speaker. He informed the police, and off they went.

Metro confirms:


On January 31, 2015, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Intelligence Section, executed a search warrant at 3888 Quadrel Street related to an Extortion investigation, the alleged victim being Nevada District 19 Assemblyman Chris Edwards.  The investigation was initiated in December 2014 when Assemblyman Edwards was approached about changing his official vote for Assembly Speaker. Investigators will be conducting interviews related to the case over the next several days.  This is an ongoing investigation.

Edwards statement:

I cannot comment on the investigation itself because it is wide ranging and still ongoing. However, I will comment on the LVMPD Criminal Intelligence Unit. As unpleasant as it has been to learn about the people involved in this investigation, it is nice to see how swiftly and professionally the Criminal Intelligence Unit has worked to protect the integrity of our system of government. The residents of Clark County should be proud to know these people are protecting us.  I personally commend them for their extraordinary dedication and exemplary service.

Since the November election we have seen a lot of political hype about recalls and “holding people accountable” it is nice to see that many of those people will soon be held accountable for their hypocritical actions.

This is going to get ugly.