Mayor Goodman rants at town hall, goes off on audience member, accuses County Commission of trying to kill stadium

UPDATED, 8:15 AM, Monday, 9/22/14:

We now know who the mayor berated and questioned what he had done to "make the community a better place." Turns out a lot.

Brent Mangus, who walked out after the mayor assailed him, sent me this Friday:

I am the person at the soccer stadium meeting last night at Rogich MS that
Ms. Goodman went off on.  I would love to have the opportunity to tell Ms.
Goodman what I have done for this community.  In order to maintain some
decorum at the meeting I said nothing at the time and left after her


I am the person that put the certified athletic trainers in every high school
in Las Vegas.  I came up with the plan, put the public private partnership together
and made it work as it does today.  This medical care program for every high
school in Las Vegas has saved many athletes lives over the past 15+ years.
To me, this program has been a great asset to every high school athlete in
Las Vegas and I am very proud of what I have done for this community.

Dr. Brent Mangus

Committee Chair,

US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Boys


Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman accused the Clark County Commission on Thursday evening of hoping a downtown soccer stadium never gets built while also railing about the release of documents showing pro formas of the proposal.

"The County Commission would like this to die," Goodman said at a town hall in Councilman Bob Beers' district at Rogich Middle School. "Members of the County Commission, while I am running City Council....are texting our council: 'Vote against this.' I find that outrageous....I will never tell you a lie."

Goodman also begins to yell at an audience member who apparently was shaking his head at her presentation. "It really ticks me off that you sit there with your sourpuss," she said. "What did you do to build this community? What have you put into this community to make it a better place?"

How in the world City Manager Betsy Fretwell kept a straight face is beyond me.

The videos, taken by Melissa LeTourneau of Southern Nevada Watchdogs, is below in two parts, but Goodman also says:

►The Cordish-Findlay proposal is the ONLY proposal: "There is no other opportunity." Any suggestion that there might be another possibility is "a bunch of hooky pooky." (I believe that prhase is trademarked.) "It's this or walk away from it." She also calls the Cordish-Findlay proposal "the best thing that ever happened to us...if you are closed minded and can't get that far, well then that is criminal and shame on you. This is my community."

She talks about how she and her husband, the previous mayor, are committed to the community (they even have "eight granddogs here").

"You have all been privy to documents you had no right to be privy to," Goodman rails at the audience, referring to drafts of proposals obtained by the media. 

The city is closed on Fridays, but I am trying to get a response. I have also asked for the county's response. (Update: County spokesman: "We decline comment." I wonder why!)

UPDATED, 10 AM: Mayor Goodman declined to name names, according to a city spokesman who offered up this quote from her Honor: "What took place during the City Council meeting on Wednesday is more about the act than the individuals. I'm not going to name names, but what took place was completely inappropriate. County Commissioners have every right to not support the stadium project, but they should express those feelings on the record for all to hear."

UPDATED, 11:25 AM: Just to be clear, county spoeksman Erik Pappa now says: "“The county and the board have no position on the city’s stadium proposal.” I see.

UPDATED, 1:25 PM: Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani told me, "I didn't text folks but I did email a few of them as a city resident."

You know what I say? So what! Why shouldn't she?