Lowden to Hutchison campaign manager: Let your guy debate me!

Now this is funny, and you don't see it often: A candidate writing to a campaign manager:

April 9, 2014 
Mike Slanker 
Dear Mike, 
Thank you for allowing your client, Sen. Mark Hutchison, to debate me on Nevada Newsmakers next 
month. I'm writing this letter to respectfully ask that you please change your mind and allow your client 
to debate me on several other TV and/or radio stations in the Nevada lieutenant governor race. I know 
Jon Ralston and Alan Stock have both been told that Mark will not debate me on their shows. If you 
believe, as I believe, that an informed electorate is what Nevada deserves you will allow your client to 
accept these invitations and any further that might come up. 
I recognize Mark didn’t do so hot in the last debate on Jon Ralston’s television program. So I understand 
why you would prefer to hide him from further public scrutiny, much like the Democrats did with Allison 
Copening and Shirley Breeden in 2008. 
However, I think Republican voters deserve better. I also think that by not allowing Mark to debate me 
– even on radio - you are selling him short. 
Sure, he’s had a hard time explaining why he was against ObamaCare before he was for it. 
Sure, he’s tied himself in knots trying to explain why he voted to expand Medicaid. 
Sure, he’s struggling to explain why he voted to extend the $620 million worth of “sunset” tax hikes. 
Sure, he’s twisted himself into a pretzel trying to explain why he proposed a whopping $600 million tax 
on our state’s mining industry. 
Sure, he’s spinning like a Tasmanian devil trying to explain why he voted for 56 out of 57 proposed tax 
and fee hikes in the 2013 legislative session. 
But let’s not forget what Mark’s day job is. He’s a lawyer! 
And while that job has nothing to do with economic develop or tourism, I have to assume Mark is quite 
experienced in “making a case” before a jury. 
Well, in this case the jury consists of the Republican voters of Nevada. 
And just as Mark would never duck cross-examination by the judge and opposing counsel in a court of 
law, I can’t imagine that he’s afraid to answer questions by his opponent and the media in the court of 
public opinion. 
He just needs you to let him. 
And that’s why I’m writing today, Mike. Won’t you please give Mark another try? I’m sure he’ll do 
better next time; he just needs you to show a little confidence in him. And besides, how’s he ever going 
to learn if you don’t let him play? 
Come on, Mike. Put him back in the game. 
Sincerely yours, 
Sue Lowden 
On the field & waiting for a ballplayer