Laxalt will sign on to letter asking for restoration of wire act, which Sands favors and MGM opposes


UPDATED, 11/25/15, 3:45 PM: Wynn reiterates opposition to web gaming (Laxalt invoked him on the program):

Steve Wynn called Wednesday afternoon to tell me he thinks the AG is correct on RAWA: "Steve Wynn looks at this in balance as someone who looks at it as being bad for Nevada," Wynn told me. "It's not good for Nevada, the exposure outweighs whatever the murky notion is of profitability."

Wynn, as he told me last year, was originally predisposed to the idea, but then talked to Sheldon Adelson. Wynn also mentioned TI's Phil Ruffin, who reiterated on "Ralston Live" recently that he is with Adelson, and invoked the Fertittas as also being opposed.

Wynn mentioned he had backed Ross Miller in the AG's race, but believes Laxalt is on the right side of this issue.

Wynn's comments only reinforce the coming gaming civil war over this issue.

If you don't believe me, read this from Howard Stutz, and check out the MGM comments.




UPDATED, 11/24/15, 6:30 PM: Gov. Brian Sandoval goes hard after the AG:

“The gaming industry is changing and in order for Nevada’s businesses to maintain a competitive edge internationally, we must enact policies that allow the industry to meet the demands of a younger, more technologically engaged gamer. The groundbreaking online gaming bill previously passed by the legislature provides local businesses with an environment where they can grow and prosper. This measure also ensures our regulatory bodies, which are considered the best in the world, will continue to develop policies that will ensure Nevada remains the global epicenter for gaming development,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “Furthermore, as a former Attorney General, Gaming Commission Chairman and someone who worked with the industry and the Legislature on Nevada's online poker legislation, I am very concerned that anyone representing the state's legal interests would speak out against current state law in our leading industry. At its core, this is a state’s rights issue and I disagree with the Attorney General that a federal government one-size-fits-all solution is in the best interest of Nevada.”


UPDATED, 11/24/15, 4:30 PM: Nevada's top gaming regulator, A.G. Burnett, says Laxalt is wrong on RAWA:

 I disagree on his position regarding RAWA.  States should be left to regulate gaming as they choose, and the regulatory agreement between Nevada and Delaware has been a success.  Without a carve-out for state-regulated online poker, the activity simply couldn’t exist in a legal, regulated format.  I am concerned that would mean that offshore operators would still be able to offer illegal, unregulated online poker, while licensed and suitable entities are banned from doing so.  To my knowledge, RAWA contains no nationwide geo-fencing from offshore gaming operators.  Also, I am concerned about the chaos that will erupt if RAWA exempts certain forms of fantasy sports, particularly the unregulated industry of daily fantasy sports.  Such a carve-out might allow DFS, which is clearly a form of gaming, to operate that gaming without any regulatory oversight, including consumer protection, audits, law enforcement mechanisms and suitability for licensing standards.          


Attorney General Adam Laxalt said Tuesday he plans to sign on to a letter circulating in the AG community that would support the Restoration of the Wire Act, a measure that would effectively ban Internet gaming and undermine a state law that permits it.

Laxalt made the comments during a taping of "Ralston Live," which will air at 5:30 PM on PBS stations in Nevada. Laxalt said he has not talked to Sheldon Adelson, the prime mover behind RAWA. The letter, which is below, is a cause of worry to other gamers, including MGM Resorts' Jim Murren, who said last week on "Ralston Live" he was worried Laxalt would sign on:

"There's legislation out there to restore the wire act and states are looking at this. that would be setting the state of Nevada back 30 years," Murrwn told me." I very much hope our attorney general doesn't sign on to that because that literally would be saying I am against the gaming industry in Nevada, I'm against jobs, I'm against social media, I'm against IGT, I'm against the largest employer in the state."

Wire Act Sign On Packet.pdf by Jon Ralston