Latino Decisions poll shows huge margins among Hispanics for Obama, Berkley in Nevada

A Latino Decisions poll taken late last month shows President Obama and Rep. Shelley Berkley with gigantic margins among Hispanics.

The margins are even larger than you might expect, with Berkley lagging behind the president but still with time to consolidate the demographic that may be close to a fifth of the overall vote.

The questions (full poll linked above):

3. If the 2012 election for President was held today and the candidates were [ROTATE: Republican Mitt Romney 
and Democrat Barack Obama] who would you most likely vote for? 
[IF CANDIDATE:]  Would you say you are certain to vote [ANSWER] or could change your mind? 
[IF UNDECIDED:]  Well, if you had to choose, who would you lean towards? 
Romney – certain   15 
Romney – not-certain   1 
undecided – lean Romney   1 
Obama – certain   69 
Obama– not-certain   7 
undecided – lean Obama   2 
Undecided/don’t know   5 
Romney Combined   17 
Obama Combined   78
5. If the 2012 election for U.S. Senate in Nevada was held today and the candidates were 
[ROTATE: Republican Dean Heller and Democrat Shelley Berkley] who would you most likely vote for? 
Heller – certain   19 
Heller – not-certain   5 
undecided – lean Heller   2 
Berkley – certain   46 
Berkley – not-certain   10 
undecided – lean Berkley   2 
Undecided/don’t know   15 
Heller Combined   26 
Berkley Combined   58