Ladies and gentlemen of CD4, meet Susie Lee

Democrat Susie Lee has raised much more than anyone else in that crowded Congressional District Four primary, so she has decided to spend some of it.

Lee, who has raised $650,000 ($100,000 of her own), dropped a huge mailer this week to introduce her relaively unknown self to primary voters and activists. 

The piece, which you can see below, is pretty much boiler-plate stuff -- same old issues and vague promises, rainbow of faces, happy family. But it's so large (8X10 trifold) that voters won't miss it in their mailboxes.

Is it too early? Maybe. But she is completely unkown -- and none of the candidates have been on the ballot in this district yet. So, I am sure she figures, if she has a financial advantage (about $200,000 over Reid Machine favorite Ruben Kihuen), why not use it?


Lee Booklet.pdf by Jon Ralston