Krolicki: Vegas could know in a week if finalist for RNC 2016

UPDATE: Even faster than Krolicki thought: RNC boss Reince Priebus will announce the finalists tomorrow at 10 AM on Twitter!



Las Vegas could know in a week if it is a finalist for hosting the Republican National Convention in 2016, Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki said Wednesday.

Krolicki, heading up the state's effort, is optimistic that Las Vegas will make that first cut, and he sounded sanguine that the city could get the final nod this spring or summer when the Republican National Committee ratifies the choice of a site-selection committee.

"The first cut will happen pretty quickly," Krolicki told me by phone.

All interested cities, including Vegas, have sent thick proposals this week to the committee, which has nine voting members, including Chairwoman Enid Mickelsen.

Las Vegas almost surely will make the first cut, then the committee will make site visits and ultimately recommend a winner in late spring/early summer to the full RNC, which has never rejected such a choice, Krolicki said, joking "we will have to wait until we see the white smoke."

The RJ's Laura Myers reported on the Las Vegas Convention Center being the focus of the city's proposal, but I'd guess if that MGM arena is done, that could change.

Krolicki said the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority was a huge help in putting together the bid, adding "(LVCVA boss) Rossi Ralenkotter has been a phenomenal partner."

The best boulevard of hotels. The best food and shopping. The best convention authority. The best GOP donor of them all (Sheldon Adelson).

Three words: Viva Las Vegas!