Hotline asks: Why isn't Sandoval in the 2016 chatter?

The good news for Nevada Democrats is that The Hotline mentioned the patient dumping scandal today when talking about Gov. Brian Sandoval.

The bad news for Nevada Democrats is that The Hotline mentioned it while wondering why Sandoval and New Mexico's Susana Martinez are not inlcuded in governors talked about as possible 2016 White House contenders.

Here's what the National Journal's insider publication published in its Spotlight feature today by Hotline boss Reid Wilson:

Go West, Young Republican

The class of Republican governors elected in 2010 will go down as one of the most combative, aggressive groups of state executives in modern times. But two in particular stand out -- and their less partisan approach will serve them well next year. 

-- In a group dominated by Scott WalkerJohn KasichTom Corbett and Rick Scott, whose poll numbers have tanked since winning election, New Mexico's Susana Martinez and Nevada's Brian Sandoval cut a different path. Both faced big budget deficits and made deep cuts, but without the fanfare or (more importantly) angry opposition that happened elsewhere. 

-- Martinez's approval ratings are in the 60s, and her toughest opponent, Dem rising star Hector Balderas, just opted to run for AG, instead of for governor. She's had her share of controversy; even some New Mexico Republicans say she doesn't always work well with the state legislature. But right now, she's cruising to another term. 

-- Sandoval is dealing with a patient-dumping scandal that Democrats hope will turn into a political liability. His aides tried to stonewall, though now they're moving out ahead of the story. And, as in New Mexico, Nevada Democrats are having trouble finding a candidate to run against a popular incumbent. Top statewide Dems, it seems, are more interested in waiting for Harry Reid to decide on re-election in 2016 (Sandoval is interested in that answer too). 

Two popular, budget-cutting, dare we add Hispanic, governors. Remind us, why aren't they in the WH'16 conversation?