Hispanic, Asian activists launch not-to-subtle push to get Heller on immigration reform

You have to love the first of the five reasons a group of activists listed today to explain why Sen. Dean Heller should support immigration reform:

"The number of Latino and Asian voters is growing rapidly in Nevada."

I see they get right to the policy, eh?

Ah, subtlety.

The list of five reasons was released after a conference call cooordinated by DC folks who want immigration reform passed -- a call populated by locals who probably have never and will never support Heller, so I am sure he will listen closely to their advice:

Culinary political director Yvanna Cancela

Vocal DREAMer Astrid Silva

Hispanics In Politics boss Fernando Romero

Riviera housekeeper Maria Mares

Asian activist Juan Serafica

I can see the nucleus of the Immigration Reformers for Heller in 2018.

The other four reasons given for Heller to do what he likley will do anyhow:

"Latinos and Asian-Americans in Nevada care deeply about immigration reform."

"Nevada has the most to gain from immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants."

"Nevadans across the political spectrum support reform with a path to citizenship."

"Senate Republicans who oppose immigration reform are among the party’s most extreme members – a position that won’t fly in Nevada."

Yes, this is the sledgehammer approach, in case you didn't pick up on it. And these are all things that I am sure Heller did not know, too.

I'm not sure any of it is necessary, though, because Heller clearly has seen the light after being crushed among Hispanics last year. He has gone from being a guy who talked about anchor babies and opposing the DREAM Act to boasting about being a broker on immigration reform right after he almost lost his re-election, partly because of the Latino vote.

But these activists can take credit when he does support the bill....