Heller on gun bill: “What we’re doing is criminalizing any private transaction by gun owners"

In an interview with a rural newspaper, Sen. Dean Heller indicated he is unlikley, under any cricumstances, to support a background check bill.

Here's what he said to The Ely Times:

Among the most hotly debated topics across the nation is gun control. The Nevada legislature passed SB 221, which requires background checks on private gun sales.

In the U.S. legislature, Heller voted against legislation that would have strengthened background checks in April.

“I really wanted the onus of this legislation to fall upon those that they were trying to limit, those who have committed felons and had adjudicated mental health issues and not on law abiding citizens,” Heller said. “You look at the way it’s written it puts the burden on law abiding citizens. This is my fear and this is what the legislation did. If I call my second cousin and talk to my second cousin and asks if that semi automatic that I own is still available and he agrees to buy it, I am now responsible to do a background check on my own second cousin.”

Heller said putting the responsibility on those following the law is something that he will not support now or in the future.

“What we’re doing is criminalizing any private transaction by gun owners,” Heller said. “…If we can get the onus off the law abiding citizens and make it a responsibility of those who have committed felons or adjudicated mental health issues, then I’m open for discussion, but not until then.”

I'd say Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey better start looking for another vote.

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