GOP cannibalism update: Republican operative continues campaign with robocalls

GOP consultant Tony Dane has ramped up his campaign against Speaker du Jour John Hambrick with a robocall attacking him as a "tax and spend liberal" who supports a "gross receipts tax."

Sounding very much like a mindless Citizen Outhouse screed, Dane's CRC PAC, under investigation by the secretary of state, declares, "Gov. Brian Sandoval is at it again." Again?

The robocall (audio attached here) says Hambrick is "helping to push...the same tax that 80 percent of Nevadans turned down in the last election."

Dane, like Citizen Outhouse, has expressed a desire to recall Hambrick and other Assembly Republicans he doesn't see as properly hewing to conservative orthodoxy. No matter that Hambrick is not "helping to push" anything -- he hasn't signed onto the Sandoval plan, which is not the same as the margin tax that failed last year, albeit it is based on gross receipts. All Hambrick has done is indicate he supports more money for education. And he has a conservative voting record.