GOP cannibalism update: Clark County GOP files complaint against GOP operative

The Clark County Republican Party has filed a complaint with the secretary of state alleging GOP operative Tony Dane is illegally funneling money into recall efforts against Republican lawmakers that have been filed by Citizen Outhouse front man Chuck Muth.

The complaint, attached below, alleges Dane, in funding mail pieces through a PAC he suddenly seeded with a quarter of a million dollars last year, is guilty of illegal conduit contributions. The complaint cites an impeccable source. The recall documents were filed by Muth, who like Dane, rarely succeeds but regularly threatens.

It is a measure of how abhorrent the tactic is that the Clark County GOP, which has been a credible alternative to the bankrupt state party, filed the complaint against a Republican rabble-rouser. "Recall efforts against legislators that (sic) have yet to cast a vote is (sic) unwarranted," the party said in a cogent if grammatically challenged explanation of the complaint. "These legislators were duly elected to serve their constituents, some even having worked through primary elections, and they need to focus on performing that job and fighting for conservative causes, rather than defending themselves from attacks. They deserve a chance to debate and vote on matters before the legislature before they can be fairly judged for their actions."

Ah, common sense at last.

The issue here is simple, as one consultant put it: "If, for example, I accepted unlimited donations from gamers to kill a ballot question then reported that money as though it was my own, and not via another, it would be a patent violation.”

Now let's see how aggressive the new secretary of state, Barbara Cegavske, is in pursuing this complaint.