Gamers, business groups unite to oppose margins tax

And so it begins.

A broad-based coalition on Wednesday filed a political action committee Wednesday, the secretary of state's office confirms, to try to defeat the margins tax, and sources confirmed this marriage of convenience also has retained national talent to gauge public sentiment and prepare strategy to scuttle The Education Initiative.

The Margins Tax Initiative Research Committee (what's in a name?) is the product of  the Nevada Resort Association, the Nevada Mining Association, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, and the Retail Association of Nevada. The papers are posted here, with the officers of these groups listed as directors. Matt Griffim, the former SOS deputy and initiative expert, filed the PAC.

One source told me, "A research and planning project is underway.  Our members want to be fully informed before making any decisions."

That is, before deciding how much to spend and how to spend it. Don't let the innocuous name fool you. This is about a lot more than research, unless you believe they will study the issue and then decide to join with the teachers union to support it, or not fight it and take their $5 million and go home. Doubtful.

The coalition has retained Winner & Mandabach Campaigns, a national ballot measure political consulting firm, and veteran national pollster Peter Hart, who has done a lot of work in Nevada.

This is separate from this retailers' PAC, which may also be used by that group in the campaign.